Coal-based Rare Earth Element Programs Emerging Across The USA

US Department of Energy NETL programs are rolling out across the USA. Specifically, resource material is being studied in the following basins:

      • Northern Appalachia
      • Powder River Basin
      • Rocky Mountain
      • Southern Appalachia
      • West/Northwest
      • Central Appalachia
      • Central Interior
      • Gulf Lignite
      • Illinois Basin
      • Lignite


Attributes corresponding to the coal value chain (figure 2) were assigned to each sample. Hover over each attribute view a description.

Level 3 Attributes
  • Clean Coal
  • Bottom Ash
  • Fly Ash
  • Ash
  • Refuse
  • Ash (aqueous)
  • Fine Coal By-Product
  • Coarse Refuse
  • Refuse (aqueous)
  • Fine Coal By-Product (aqueous)
  • Disposed Combustion By-Products
  • Disposed Compostion By-Products (aqueous)
  • N/A

If you are interested in seeing results from sampling, along with the underlying test methodology, please contact the Editor (

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