Process Systems

Process Systems development, demonstration, and commercialization include validating the performance of bench- and pilot-scale technologies as well as determining the economic feasibility of separating REEs from coal and coal-related resources containing a minimum of 300 ppm REEs and concentrating them to an initial pre- concentrate matrix of greater than or equal to 2 percent by weight, with further integration of additional extraction systems that generate high-purity, salable rare earth compounds (such as oxides and/or metals, carbonates, etc.).

Ultimately, domestic generation of high-purity REEs may lead to the manufacture of REE-containing products in the United States, thus enhancing our national security and stimulating economic growth. Domestic production of REEs will provide secure access for industries involved in defense and national security, energy, medicine, communications, consumer electronics, and others. In addition, an available domestic supply of REEs may lead to commercialization of new and advanced materials and equipment.

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