Tetra Tech, Inc. – Rare Earth Element Identification andCharacterization of Coal and Coal By-Products Containing High Rare Earth Element Concentrations

Technology Partner: Tetra Tech, Inc.Award Number: FE0026929
Project Duration: 10/1/2016 – 4/30/2018Total Project Value: $376,200

Key Technology Area: Enabling TechnologiesProject Partners: Nexus Geo LLC and PrepTech

NETL is partnering with Tetra Tech, Inc. to identify, locate, field sample, and chemically analyze U.S. domestic coal and coal by-product solid and/or liquid materials that contain high rare earth element (REE) concentrations (i.e., greater than or equal to 300 parts

per million total REEs). This project supports NETL’s REE Program by identifying U.S. coal-based resources for developing technologies to separate and recover r

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