Financial Times Reports That Lynas seeks ‘plan B’ as Malaysia rare earths plant faces threat

Lynas’ stock continues its weakness with continued uncertainty dragging on the share price
Negative environmental review could force Australian miner to close processing facility
According to an interview with the Financial Times, the CEO of Lynas Corp. indicates “that a negative review would alarm investors, customers and governments, who are sensitive to ensuring there is a reliable source of supply outside China of rare earths”
“I don’t think it is likely to be the outcome but if we were forced to close [in Malaysia] it would be immediately felt in the supply chain throughout the world and it would be most significant in the Japanese, North American and European markets,” Ms Lacaze said.
According to the Financial Times story, Lynas was evaluating options in case a negative review forced the closure of its A$1bn (US$710m) plant in Kuantan, which has faced opposition from environmental campaigners ever since construction began in 2010.
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