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Editor’s Note: This opinion is direct from China on October 6, 2018.  It is the Editor’s contention that China would like to seek diplomacy.  Please read this and consider the issues.  It is clear that the USA, China and the rest of the world know that China holds many cards with critical minerals.  It seems to be a pity that the USA does not engage in diplomacy.   Mike Luther, Editor, Global REEs Venture

Social commentary: The Pentagon wants to tear the Sino-US relationship

2018-10-06 08:11 环球时报

The US Pentagon issued a report on the 5th, accusing China of attempting to undermine the US defense industry base, saying that China represents a significant and growing risk for materials and technology supplies that are considered vital to US national security. This is the latest in a series of US attacks on Beijing.

US Vice President fully accused China in a speech on Thursday, especially nicknamed Beijing’s attempt to undermine the upcoming US midterm elections and the next presidential election.

According to CNN, the Pentagon report pointed out that nearly 300 “weak links” will affect the supply of key materials needed for US defense, while Beijing is a “significant risk.” According to the report, China’s aggressive industrial policies have caused a strain on US defense technology, involving military-powered solar TVs, aircraft LCDs, and rare earth elements. The report also said that the production and processing of machine tools, ceramics, composite materials, printed circuit boards and semiconductors in the United States are also threatened by China.

Undoubtedly, the Pentagon’s report will further aggravate the mutual suspicion and tension between China and the United States, strengthen the American society’s understanding of China’s “strategic opponents”, and become a movement led by some American political elites to try to cut Sino-US relations. Part of it.

The Americans want to know how much China is worried about the US industrial supply chain that undermines China’s national security significance. Do you know that the United States has actually done a destructive action that the Chinese seem to be destructive?

The United States has been openly restricting high-tech exports to China to prevent China from using them for military equipment production. It also requires its own allies to do the same. From oscilloscopes, pulsed power system components in certain frequency bands, to space communications and integrated navigation technologies, underwater facilities and parts, China cannot be procured from the US and the West.

China now imports a large number of chips produced by US companies every year, but the deal proved to be unstable, although it brought huge profits to American companies. The United States has already used the chip as a weapon to hit China’s ZTE Corporation. The risk of expanding the use of chip weapons in the United States is serious, threatening the safety of the entire Chinese industry and even the people.

China’s rare earth exports are widely valued by the United States, but it is only a potential chip of China. China has never used this chip so far. The other Chinese out-of-service risks listed in the Pentagon report are also potential, and the US cannot lift a real confession that China really uses as a “weapon.” The US chip weapon has been used, and the US high-tech trade restrictions on China have been continuing. This is the difference.

Sino-US relations and trade between the two countries are a huge system that promotes the complementarity and potential of the two countries. They expand the foundation of American industry. If China-US relations are completely aggravated, it will lead to a series of consequences, including the revision of their respective supply chains, which is a process that is both troublesome and implies some uncertainty.

At the same time as the trade war with China, Washington has recently adopted a series of actions that are widely believed to have completely deteriorated Sino-US relations. Because Washington’s turn to Sino-US relations is urgent, it seems even impulsive, and many people suspect that there is a short-term interest in the US midterm elections. However, the extent to which the current performance of the US government will be solidified is something that China cannot afford to take seriously.

Since national defense is the most sensitive area of ​​a country, the Pentagon report first shows the bottom line thinking of the United States. The US vigilance it represents against China cannot be regarded as the precautionary intention of the American society to universalize China, and it does not represent the American people. They all hope to “cut a knife” with China, which is totally unrealistic for the United States. However, the Pentagon report will further drive the American society to examine China from the perspective of “strategic opponents”. It constitutes another mobilization of some American elites around the deterioration of Sino-US relations to American society.

Overall, the impact of the Pentagon report is less than the impact of the Vice President’s first day of speech, but it shows us that the US core sector is doing some practical preparations for the overall deterioration of Sino-US relations. The Chinese side needs to attach great importance to this information, and at the same time, it can be calmly faced.
China does not want to compete with the United States and has no intention of challenging or destroying the United States. At the same time, we are not kites in the hands of the United States. How to fly is controlled by the United States. China is a down-to-earth presence. When the US is instigated, we do our best to do our best, which is the most reliable response.

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