Chinalco halts Guangxi rare earth operations after environmental lapses, July 2 ’18

State-owned Aluminum Corp of China, or Chinalco, said on Monday it told its rare earth unit in southern China’s Guangxi region to suspend operations after inspectors found the company breached environmental rules.

A meeting of Chinalco’s leadership team on Monday morning ordered the Guangxi unit to swiftly rectify the problems identified and discipline those responsible, while calling on more than 600 of Chinalco’s subsidiaries to step up their environmental compliance, according to a company statement.

State-run Chinese media reported earlier on Monday that Guangxi Rare Earth, a unit of Chinalco Rare Earth & Metals Co Ltd that is pursuing an initial public offering in Shanghai, had been contaminating water sources.

Article was published on the Rare Earth Elements (REE) Group on LinkedIn by Vasili Nicoletopoulos of Natural Resources PC.

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