Cobalt Report (Part 2): China To Be A “Booster” For Industrial Development

Editor’s note: The narrative below was drawn from Chinese language reporting on China Non-Ferrous industry web site.  The point of this story is to demonstrate the massive capability for production of cobalt and other critical/rare earth elements in China.  This particular report relates to Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park in China.  Based upon the reporting, which we have not yet confirmed, it would appear Lanzhou would solely be responsible for moving the country of China into a leadership position for cobalt production (e.g., 5,000 t/a).  

Record of scientific and technological innovation work in Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park

In the recent past, under the objective situation that the price of cobalt continues to fall and the overall performance of the market is sluggish, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park takes the initiative to take the initiative and take the initiative to adhere to the economic benefits as the core and technological innovation as the means to continuously improve The technological advantages in the field of new energy materials promote the rapid development of products and industries.

In accordance with the requirements of Jinchuan Group’s green high-quality development strategy system, rationalizing the relationship between technological innovation and industrial development, and highlighting the development of cobalt with the word “Zeng” is the key to Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park to face and solve problems. Whether science and technology innovation can play a role as a “booster” in the development of the industry will directly affect the quality and efficiency of Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park.

The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries requires the extension of the industrial chain to high quality, and technological innovation is the “booster” for the extension of the industrial chain of Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park. In order to effectively play the role of “booster” for scientific and technological innovation, in recent years, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park has clearly defined new ideas for speeding up development, and has increased investment in science and technology, constantly consolidating the foundation of independent innovation and scientific research; and deep processing of lithium-ion battery materials and precious metals. Silver series products and high-purity metals are the main development directions, vigorously develop new materials and new industries, promote the orderly development of new materials and new industries, and further promote the rapid development of Jinchuan cobalt industry.

At present, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park is in the period of deepening the reform, the opportunity period of developing new materials and new industries, the key period of “five self-management” and the new period of promoting high-quality development. Focusing on market demand, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park adheres to the goal orientation and continuously accelerates the construction of key projects. With the research and development and production of main products, it improves product profitability and strives to meet the diversified needs of advantageous customers. As of July, the ternary precursor project for 100kt/a power lithium-ion battery (Phase I project), 5000tCo/a cobalt salt solution production line expansion project, 3,000 tons of high-voltage lithium-ion battery for cobalt oxide project, 1kt/a The construction of waste lithium-ion battery resource recycling project was accelerated, laying the foundation for ensuring the smooth transformation and upgrading of cobalt products.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the increase in raw material prices, the processing costs of various production processes in Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park have increased. Although a number of cost reduction and efficiency measures have been taken, the processing costs of main products remain high. To this end, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park adheres to the innovation drive to promote the internal development momentum, in-depth implementation of the “scientific and technological innovation drive, promote the development of advantageous industries” development strategy, for qualified scientific research projects, and actively apply for national provincial and ministerial-level science and technology projects and group major projects. At present, three projects, such as ionic membrane cobalt electric accumulators, have applied for national key R&D plans, major group projects and major projects of Jinchang City Science and Technology. Through policy and financial support, the production cost of main products has been effectively reduced, and product output and metal have been improved.

At the same time, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park focuses on optimizing the production, improving the technical and economic indicators of products, and strengthening the operation and management of equipment and facilities, further refining and implementing technological innovation measures. First, technological innovations are carried out on processes with higher energy consumption. Materials and energy consumption; Second, the main body of sinking technology innovation, according to the industry field and research direction, set up 8 research groups such as battery materials, form a relatively complete research team echelon, and enhance the thickness of technology research and development. Up to now, 24 scientific research projects have been implemented, 27 patents have been applied, 19 patents have been granted, and a number of patented technologies independently developed have been gradually applied to production practices. Third, the production units have been guided to improve the quality of the main products. Enhancing the ability of technological innovation and the use of results ensured that the main product grade rate increased by 0.5% compared with the same period of the previous year.

According to Jin Yong Group’s party secretary and chairman Wang Yongqian’s investigation into the Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park, he emphasized the “first in the industry and the technology first”. Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park will clarify the current key projects and key tasks in the process of strengthening and expanding the battery materials industry, strengthen the cultivation of core technical talents, and strive to build a platform for entrepreneurs to work hard for cadres and workers who are engaged in the construction of scientific research projects and market frontiers. To share more pressure, provide better services, accelerate technological innovation, and promote industrial development.

Since the beginning of this year, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park has adhered to the “big scientific research system” to promote industrial development. Through the establishment of a “large scientific research system” focusing on R&D centers, branch factories, business divisions and subsidiaries, the “Study Group” has been promoted according to industry characteristics. The new innovation model of the division of production, sales and research of the business department-company makes the main body of innovation sink, close to the market, accelerate the cultivation and development of the industry, and at the same time establish an upstream and downstream linkage research and development mechanism to shorten the market certification cycle and accelerate the upgrading of products.

Second, aim at the development goals of various industrial sectors, unite the advantageous enterprises in the industrial chain, and accelerate the pace of foreign cooperation. Since last year, it has reached a cooperation with Hefei Guoxuan, and has set up a joint venture company for the recycling of used lithium batteries to broaden the road for industrial development and actively promote the cooperation process of the battery materials industry.

Third, according to the development trend of lithium-ion battery technology, application fields and market trends, the cobalt trioxide product is positioned in high-end civilian lithium-ion batteries to maintain Jinchuan’s position in the cobalt trioxide market and domestic market share.

Up to now, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park has implemented the 3000t/a high-voltage lithium-ion battery galvanic oxide project in Lanzhou and Jinchang, focusing on the development of large-scale and small-grained materials based on the characteristics of high-voltage and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. , doping and other series of cobalt trioxide to meet the needs of market development.

Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park also promotes the efficient integration of the science and technology innovation system with the engineering center, builds a more complete large scientific research system, attracts talents, strengthens existing industries, expands new research and research fields, and ensures national science and technology special projects and groups. The special management and the grading management and control of the independent projects of the Science and Technology Park Company were promoted in an orderly manner. At present, the “Ultra-High-Purity Rare/Precious Metal Preparation Technology Research”, National 02 Special Project and Ion Membrane Projects, which are focused on national projects, have successfully passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology; high-nickel ternary materials, ternary new processes, and precious metal new products. The Group’s major special projects are progressing steadily.

At the same time, the pace of R&D and industrialization of Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park has been accelerating, battery materials have achieved custom-made high-nickel ternary precursor production and sales; NCA products have entered the market; doped cobalt trioxide has achieved 500 tons of production and sales; cobalt metallurgy has opened complex cobalt Bottlenecks in raw material processing technology, broaden the scope of adaptation of cobalt raw materials; remove sulfur from iron dioxide to achieve production and application; actively carry out customized product development of precious metals in the fine chemical industry and environmental protection catalysts such as medicine and food, promote the diversified development of industrial structure; Laser etching of silver powder industrialization; high-purity metals expand new fields of high-purity cobalt application and foster new economic growth points.

Under the new situation of rapid development of the industry and increasingly diversified market competition, the significance of new technologies, new materials and new industries in Jinchuan’s high-quality development has become more and more prominent. In accordance with the established strategic decisions and established goals, Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park will follow the path of scientific and technological innovation to drive development, unswervingly focus on improving quality and efficiency, and work hard to achieve green high for the group company. New contributions have been made to quality development.

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